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Radar Keys - Disability Croydon

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Radar Keys available from Age UK. Call 0800 849 8032.

£3.99 including Postage and Packaging.

The Radar National Key Scheme key offers disabled people independent access to the 9,000 accessible locked toilets around the country. Providers of disabled toilets fit Radar locks to ensure their facilities are in good condition. Over 25 years the scheme has been adopted by 400+ local authorities and many transport, retail and leisure providers.

How do I get one?

Disability croydon can provide disabled people with a key at the cost of £4.00. A key can be collected from our offices in Croydon or if you wish to have a key posted to your home address there is an additional 50p charge to cover the postage cost and secure packaging. In order to apply zero rating for VAT people are required to complete a declaration confirming the key is for use by  a disabled person.

020 8688 3622 (Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday 10am - 2pm)
£3.99 Including Postage and Packaging

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