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Meals on Wheels - Apetito

Meals on Wheels - Apetito logo

'Meals on wheels' is a home delivery service of hot meals. It is designed to help maintain the independence of people who have problems cooking for themselves.

Meals are delivered by a contracted company Apetito. Their staff will always display their identification and if you have any queries they will answer them or find out the information and get back to you.

To find out if you are eligible for Meals on wheels, please contact Social Services for Adults. Otherwise, if you can afford to pay for them and would rather make your own arrangements, you can contact Apetito directly or use another meal agency.

People needing help with meals can also access a variety of lunch clubs or there are commercial frozen food stockists that deliver to your door, for information contact Age UK Croydon.

Contact name:
0870 60 50 293
Interpreting and Translation can be arranged
How to apply:
Contact Croydon Council

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Service Definitions

If you have difficulty cooking meals for yourself, your council can deliver ready-made meals to your home. This service is sometimes known as 'meals on wheels'.