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Bogus Callers

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You should never be afraid to say no to anyone who asks to come into your home.

Before you open the door use a door chain, if you have one or check at the window to see who it is.

Always ask for their identification. If you don’t feel safe letting them in, ask them to come back later and check what they have told you by calling the head office. Any genuine caller will not mind waiting.

Most utility companies operate password schemes, so call yours and set one up. If you suspect a caller is not genuine - don’t let him or her in. Remember it is your home and you have every right to refuse entry to anyone you are unsure about.

A Doorstep Selling Advice Pack on how to 'Say No To Doorstep Callers' is available on request to Croydon residents.

Additional advice for the Elderly to help you feel even more secure:

  • Never keep large amounts of cash in your home
  • Don’t keep your pension book somewhere obvious – like the hallway or a kitchen drawer
  • Ask your council if they operate any security schemes and, if so, ask to join them
Umbrella org:
Metropolitan Police
101 / 03454 04 05 06
Opening times:
24 hours
Who is it for:
Croydon Residents
How to apply:
Contact Citizens Advice Consumer Service

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Service Definitions

We all have the right to go about our daily lives in safety. Improving community safety is one of our highest priorities for the goverment. Safer Neighbourhoods Teams and Neighbourhood Watch Scheme work together for a safer london. Information about your local police force and what services they provide to protecting your local community. Handy Person Services will fit a range of security equipment such as door chains, spy holds, bolts and door/window locks to make your home more secure.
The police are persons empowered to enforce the law, protect property and reduce civil disorder Their powers include the legitimized use of force.